Monday, July 25, 2011

Gentleman's Ride


Above are some selected photos from the Gentleman's Ride last Saturday. The route was long and hilly. As far as I know everyone made it back alive. I think I was the second to last or third to last person to make it back. The event did not transpire as I had imagined for a lot of reasons.

About half the people who started the route finished the entire ride. It was a long haul!

No one was around afterwards to pick up the prizes so they are being returned back to Cranky Jeff and BH Bikes except for a few T shirts!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the ride; that route is pretty sweet.

With the conclusion of the TDF the mood is now changing from long road/mtb rides to short efforts in anticipation of Cyclocross. Although, I'm not sure if the Black Hills will see any CX action this year aside from Miss Chippie Cross. Haven't seen any flyers in the shops or heard anything or seen anything on web/fb/twitter. I'll keep hoping!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Is it possible I could already be fired up for next year's cross season? After watching this...YES! Amazing to watch these guys hammer that hard in those conditions for that long.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

SD State CX Championship

The Inaugural Miss Chippie Cross at The Legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD was well attended dispite the cold and snow as well as seemingly waining desires to come out and race from the normal faces that show up at the races. Could have been due to Cross Nats in Bend, OR this weekend or maybe skiing or just flat out apathy!! Great course, well thought out. Barriers were appropriate. Lots of interesting run ups and ride ups. The flat course did nothing to aid recovery that's for sure. On a warmer day this course would be so fast. There was a little shortage of tape and markings in some key spots at first, but after 2 or 3 warm up laps it was pretty easy to follow. Great Course!

In Men's A action the group started out on the long icy straightaway followed by a sweeping left up over the high barriers, up the stairs and onto the stage. Billy Colsen, Ted Jacobsen, Chad Carpenter, John Nelson and Casey Skyburg were out in front. Shortly after the group formed, Colsen went down and was forced to abondon (knee). They got strung out pretty quickly with Carpenter out in front (:30) followed by Jacobsen (:10) and Nelson rounding out the mens podium for the 2010 Men's Elite South Dakota State Championship Cyclocross.

As a side note we had several junior racers from the Sky Ranch for boys joining us today. They were riding bicycles donated by Schwinn Bicycles. They did great and it was their first cyclocross race! Nice job fellas!

Jake and Rochelle for promoting the race. This was by far the most "legit" race we've had at least in terms of promotion and organization.
The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground for hosting.
Acme, Cranky Jeff, RMS and all other shops that threw down mechandise for winners.
Whoever made that cider and chili it was quite nice.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lincoln CX

I just discovered this video from last year in Lincoln Nebraska Day #2 of a 2 day series I did. The footage was captured on Hooligan Hill where there are dollar bills taped, socks and schwag dangling from fishing poles, alcohol being consumed and general shennanigans. Most of the spectators on "Holligan Hill" ride to the race (yes the drummer rode his drums there on his Bob trailer). I was in the lead chase group (in way over my head) of 5 chasers trying to chase two pros down when I blew in the 6th lap but it was a fun race.

Lincoln Cyclocross 2009 from Cornbread on Vimeo.


The final race in the ACME Cyclocross series was held today at Ralph Cole Arboretum. The turnout wasn't quite as good as yesterday with just over 20 people coming out today compared with about 35 yesterday. The course was the same as the previous race except it was run in reverse.

The race got off to fast start as would be expected with John Eppen, Billy Colsen, Casey Skyburg and Chad Carpenter getting an early lead on the rest of the field. James Stone and Jon Nelson were together just behind the lead group. When the leading 4 hit the very steep run up/ride up/stairs section Eppen and Carpenter got a large advantage. Eppen was driving the pace with Carpenter yo yo-ing on and off of his wheel. Just behind Skyburg was driving the pace trying to close the gap. Eventually Skyburg and Colsen were caught by Stone and Nelson.

Back at the front Carpenter lost contact with Eppen through the run up (3rd lap) and was dropped like a brick in the ocean. By that time, Stone and Nelson were chasing together with Colsen chasing solo 20 seconds back from them, followed by Skyburg 35 seconds back.

John Eppen never looked back and was strong through the finish taking the victory in what will be his final cyclocross race of the season in the Black Hills. Carpenter managed to hold the chasers off and took 2nd. Stone and Nelson finished together with Stone taking 3rd in the uncontested sprint.

Jim Meyer of Quarq was extremely generous and awared Tim Rangitsh of ACME a Quarq power meter for all the hard work and effort he put in promoting the 4 free races this season. A nice gesture. If you need a power meter, consider a Quarq they are BOSS.

1) John Eppen (Quarq)
2) Chad Carpenter (Carpenter Dental)
3) James Stone (Scheels)

Final Race is Dec. 4th. SD State Championship

See previous blog post for details.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The cyclocross action was heating up at Ralph Cole Arboretum today even as the temps were dipping into the mid teens. After the straightaway at the gun, a surge of about 8 riders hit the deep sand pits together including Jon Eppen, Casey Skyburg, John Nelson, Chad Carpenter, James Stone, Corey Whalen, Todd Schoenburner and Jim Meyer. As the group passed though the barriers Eppen and Carpenter were able to establish a gap on the rest of the group. A 3 man chase group containing James Stone, Jon Nelson and Casey Skyburg formed. At one point Carpenter and Eppen had 1:30 on the chase but the chasers were able to cut it back slightly as the race progressed.

During the 3rd lap Carpenter bobbled after the barriers, unable to clip back into his pedal. Eppen put 40 yards on him but was eventually reeled back in. Eppen launched a series of short punchy attacks but Carpenter was able to stick onto his wheel. Eppen was content to set the pace as the pair came into the last straightway. Carpenter took the sprint by less than a wheel.

Back in the chase Stone shot off the front of his group at least twice but was unable to maintain his 100 ft gaps and was brought back. It was gruppo compacto as the trio started their sprint and Skyburg took it for the final podium spot.

Tomorrow's course is the same but run in reverse and starts at 10 am.